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A community of adventurers that create, design and offer adventure and tourism experiences in Rwanda. Our experiences are created and curated for the responsible adventurer with a personal touch.

Our vision is to forge connections among people and the nature

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Our experiences
  • Business Lens Tours

    This is a business ecosystem-centered experience, featuring different business innovations, systems, and protocols. This experience provides an overview of doing business in Rwanda.

  • Travel Companion

    Simply call them "Buddy". We allocate a personal assistant for your trip to personalized your travel experience. From as simple as interpretation to recommendations of awesome places to be. 

  • Kigali City Tours

     This is an experience that goes beyond city sightseeing, featuring life in Kigali at a glance. It allows travelers to go beyond the main streets and into the heart of a destination with a local adventurer.

  • Authentic Rwanda

    These are countryside experiences that feature experiential travels. We showcase the Rwandan culture, history, wildlife, and other natural treasures. The experiences vary from camping, boat trips, hiking, biking, walking, forest adventures, and authentic cultural experiences.

  • Xperient App

    Xperient is a tour guides and experiences match making app, that connects travelers to locals according to their interests. 

  • Zurura Rwanda

    Xperient is a tour guides and experiences match making app, that connects travelers to locals according to their interests. 

  • Unlock Adventure

    A gamified team-based, real-life, experiential and immersive adventure activity that enables travelers to bond while exploring places through an outdoor escape themed game. During the adventure game, players disclose challenges and perform different tasks at the designated locations.

  • Walking Tours

    Embark on an enlightening stroll in one of the most secure countries in the world. Explore different urban neighborhoods and rural areas in Rwanda first-hand on foot. 

  • Bonding & Team Building

    Looking for activities that forge connections among people? We design, create and organize bonding and team building activities that make people move, think and collaborate. 

  • Green Mountain Biking

    The Green Mountain Biking is a fun, interactive, and outdoor adventure Mountain Biking Experience that incites genuine connections among people and nature. Take on the scenic and adventurous trails while exploring a thousand hills.

Our impact
Job Creation
The tourism products creation process and their offering trigger the creation of employment opportunities for qualified personnel. We have so far created 6 full-time jobs and 27 part-time jobs for young innovators who are passionate about adventure tourism. By employing this passionate team, we are contributing to the reduction of unemployment and in return, this is enabling us to contribute to the growth of the tourism sector and in Rwanda.
Natural Environment Conservation
We take Environment conservation and climate change seriously. We aim at reducing carbon footprints in our products created. Through products like the Green Mountain Biking, we create awareness and build a cycling culture in order to sustainably and proactively protect our environment.
Cultural Heritage Conservation
Unlike many countries in Africa, Rwanda has been a unified state since pre-colonial times, populated by people who share a single language and a rich cultural heritage. The Rwandan Culture composed various components that were transmitted from one generation to another, mainly orally. We commit to keeping written and exposed cultural heritage that people worldwide can experience from time to time.
Adding Value to Less Explored Places
Through a range of products created we are exploring less explored places in the country. The exploration of these places is adding value to nature attractions in these environments which enables us to diversify products created and intensify social impact in the host communities.
Our partners

We very grateful for our Team of Buddiz

Citybuddiz was established in March 2019 by six former University Students at the African Leadership University and Kepler. The main goal was to empower young people and local communities to create more diverse tourism activities that actively immerse people in Rwanda while creating jobs. Citybuddiz Team is composed of 29 part-time Buddiz (Guides) and 6 Full-time employees. The core team is mainly in charge of product development and overlooking how the products and experiences are run while the rest operates active products. Our Team diversity allows us to complement and challenge each other to provide the best products that fit the market and addresses the problem with the best and viable solutions.

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